Showforce steps on it with Sommer Event Flooring

Sommer Event Flooring had its jobs (un)covered this October and November when it contracted Showforce to provide local crew to a number of events taking place at Birmingham’s NEC.

Showforce’s new Birmingham office provided 11 corporate event crew to assist the exhibition and event flooring company with Euro Bus Expo, a trade show for bus and coach operators (October 30-November 1), and National Pet Show, a two-day event for pet lovers (November 3 and 4).

Sommer Event Flooring, the Birmingham-based flooring business, tasked Showforce with loading, and unloading, used exhibition carpet into, and off, lorries – a project that accumulated a total of 202 man hours.

Showforce worked hard alongside Sommer Event Flooring to provide crewing services and support to both Euro Bus Expo and National Pet Show. For example, at the National Pet Show, the crew began work in the NEC’s Hall 5 and did not stop until five trucks were loaded with used exhibition carpet. The carpet was then driven to Sommer Event Flooring’s warehouse and unloaded by the team where it is baled and sent off to a recycler. As its exhibition carpet is 100% polypropylene it can be melted down, turned into pellets and used again in the plastics industry.

Showforce crew ensured that the task at hand was completed on time, as the halls had to be cleared by 10pm. However, with a new crew, that were keen to impress, this deadline was smashed and the team proved that it had the job covered.