Showforce fly with Blink in KSA

Showforce continues to provide highly experienced and capable crew within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has become to ‘go-to’ solution for crewing support within the country. Most recently they have assisted UAE based production company Blink with the delivery of the amazing AlUla Balloon Festival in AlUla, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1st – 9th February. The event was part of the Winter at Tantora Festival and saw 50 hot air balloons taking to the sky each morning, giving rides to festival goers and locals. Then in the evening when the balloons were tethered there was a beautiful ‘glow show’, utilising lighting to showcase them.

A team of 10 experienced Showforce crew chiefs and a crew manager were onsite from 26th January – 12th February. Tasked with facilitating the balloon rides; initially this involved marking out the site, creating five zones with 10 balloons in each. Two crew chiefs were allocated to each zone and worked with 20 local crew who unpacked the balloons, assisted with their set up and tethered them prior to flight. In addition, using concrete blocks and rope, they made a 25sqm area around each balloon to allow for easy access.

The ride of 7km crossed AlUla’s stunning landscape and heritage sites like Qasr al Farid and Madin’Saleh, the second largest Nabatean city after Petra.