Showforce assist Cameron Mackintosh with Hamilton install

Theatre production Hamilton arrived at Victoria Theatre, in London’s West End to begin its UK run in December 2017. Critically acclaimed and highly anticipated, tickets were sold out well in advance. Showforce’s experienced stage hands were on hand to support the Cameron Mackintosh team with renovating Victoria Theatre in preparation for its arrival from 6th November and were onsite until the opening night on 21st December.

Assisting Cameron Mackintosh with the install for Hamilton is a great example of how Showforce’s experienced crew and stage hands are able to utilise an array of skills.

The project began with clearing any fixtures and fittings that were not required for the new show and ensuring that they were effectively packed away and stored safely. Once completed, the Showforce team assisted the production’s carpenters with the build of a new sub floor as well and purpose built pulley grid to ensure lights and audio equipment could be installed with ease. From there, Showforce continued to demonstrate their expertise in theatre work and assisted with the build of a new floating truss structure. It was designed to levitate above the stage, working with the aforementioned pulley grid, ensuring that the truss would be held on four cables which eventually could be walked on.

Other changes to the venue that the Showforce assisted with including the addition of two new larger dressing rooms as the size of the cast was greater than initially anticipated. Again, due to the scale of the audio install, the crew built scaffolding towers that were used to run cables throughout the venue and to paint the speakers, so they blended in. The final task for the team was to assist with the build of a new false proscenium arch, ensuring Victoria Theatre embraced Hamilton’s very specific look and feel.

Other tasks carried out by Showforce included soundproofing the orchestra pit and installing new air conditioning units.

The team amassed an impressive 1643 man hours completing this project.