EXPO 2020

Expo 2020 is now just a few months away! Second only to an Olympic Games in terms of size and scale, it promises to be a truly unforgettable experience for anyone involved in the organisation and delivery of the event.  The global village will include more than 190 Pavilions, all boasting packed cultural programmes and entertainment packages and will require tens of thousands of staff to deliver.

Behind the scenes we are proactively preparing; implementing and developing procedures and systems, forming partnerships and gathering intelligence to ensure that we’re ready when the time comes. This also includes having a team of people in place to deal with the complexities of the visa process, a requirement for anyone wishing to work in the UAE, along with arranging the appropriate insurance policies and medical cover.

We’re already onsite and delivering large numbers of personnel, crew and technicians. In the coming months demand is expected to increase and we have both the procedures and the people in place to ensure that we can meet any staffing requirement.

If you’re looking for staff to assist you with your Expo 2020 project(s) or would like to work on Expo 2020 then get in touch with a member of the team today.

If you would like Showforce to assist you with your EXPO 2020 projects?

If you would like to work for Showforce
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Showforce is an award winning, international, event support services company with over 25 years’ experience of providing experienced personnel to global projects. Our experience spans over 50 countries and we count some of the leading names in entertainment as our clients.


We follow a strict recruitment process for all our team, whether permanent or freelance, to ensure we can always provide the highest quality event crew and staff. Our process remains the same, wherever we operate, which allows us to provide a consistent level of skilled staff with appropriate qualifications in the global market


We have developed bespoke staff management software that stores comprehensive records of all our personnel. All our projects are managed using this system so that we match skills and personal attributes with roles and location and can ensure the right people are on the job for you.