45th National Day

Type of event

  • National Day celebration

Event overview

Showforce assisted global event producer, Balich Worldwide Shows (BWS) with the delivery of an impressive live performance that it created and produced as part of the 45th UAE National Day Celebrations.

Overview/brief of Showforce’s involvement

The Showforce team included more than 100 stage and production crew, four crew chiefs, two crew managers and seven follow spot operators. Onsite from 15th November to 2nd December, the entire crew took part in two weeks of highly intensive rehearsals prior to the show day. They were an integral part of the overall performance, supporting BWS with numerous elements of the show; from carrying out manual scene changes and the setting and striking of props to assisting backstage and providing technical personnel.

Every Showforce crew member was given a specific role that was key to the overall success of the show. Manual scene changes had to be perfectly synchronised with the automated scene changes, a single missed cue would have affected the overall performance. Props included bonfires, palm trees, pearl markets, arish fences, and even Hatteras flag podiums and poles. In addition, the crew assisted with the movement of huge automated pop-up cities that were either side of the 250-metre-wide stage.


The Showforce crew also delivered vital support backstage; there were five doors that opened and closed, allowing for both scenery to be hidden quickly and the large ensemble case of over 1000 to enter and exit. Additional doors, situated stage left and right, were used as access for the various camels, horses, boats, tanks, missile launchers etc. that formed part of the performance.

Once the performance came to an end, many of the crew members stayed onsite to assist with the technical de-rig, supporting Agora Lightning, Delta Sound and PRG XL Video with packing away equipment and loading containers, getting the breakdown off to a good start.

Show Credits: Creative & Executive Production Balich Worldwide Shows