Type of event and stats

  • Music Festival
  • 5600 man hours
  • 220 crew

Event overview

Showforce has been providing crewing support to LarMac LIVE at Creamfields since 2014.

Year on year our involvement has grown.

In 2015 there were 250 crew shifts requested and up to 40 crew onsite at any one time.

In 2017, we were the only crewing company employed by LarMac LIVE and we fulfilled 830 crew shifts and supplied over 100 crew for the de-rig.

Overview/brief of Showforce’s involvement

We provided stage hands, backline crew, plant operators, crew chiefs and a site boss. Our crew were responsible for the load in of all equipment for every stage around the site, supporting the rest of the contractors: Coloursound, Adlib, XL video, PRG, Audile and Brit Row. We also assisted with the smaller load ins for Music Bank and the risers, provided by Acorn.

On show days we had a dedicated crew deployed at every stage, who redistributed and built risers for the various artists and a separate response crew that deals with ad-hoc jobs around the site, as and when required.


Throughout the build days rigging equipment was unloaded and fixed rigging points for the truss motors were installed on the festival’s larger stages, preparing for the installation of lighting and video rigs. DJ risers were unloaded and distributed around the site and telehandler drivers were on hand to move equipment and assist with front of house installations etc.

As you would expect on a project of this size crew numbers change regularly to meet the demands of the project. We were well prepared and ensured that we had plenty of crew trained and accredited ahead of time. This meant that any last-minute requirements could be dealt with promptly and that the right crew with the right skills sets were available when needed. Our dedicated account handler and operations manager were on-hand throughout with responsibility for all logistics, scheduling, accreditation and client liaison.

All the stages are very busy and the calibre of the headliners means that there are always going to be a couple of challenges with set changeovers on show days. This year, Deadmau5 had a very large heavy rolling riser, which actually broke through the stage at what point but our crew were able to double skin the stage and everything went ahead without a hitch.

We utilised resources from our regional offices in London and Liverpool ensuring that we had experienced local crew available for the project to meet the large numbers required.

Over the course of the project Showforce completed 830 crew shifts to amass 5600 man hours.