117 Live

Event overview

When 117Live, Al Ahli Holding Group’s (AAHG) newest subsidiary, hosted and managed a trio of concerts at the Autism Rocks Arena, Showforce was on-hand to supply large numbers of crew to assist with the delivery of the events.

Overview/brief of Showforce’s involvement

The popular new venue, launched with Nicki Minaj in March 2016 and went on to welcome Flo Rida and Tyga in the April. The recent round of events saw gigs from Guns N Roses, Bryan Adams and the Holi Color Festival external party rented venue.

Showforce’s crew were onsite from 25th February until the 18th March supporting 117Live with the performances, the crew were tasked with preparing the venue for the back to back concerts. This included setting up the stage, placing truss in the correct positions, building the stage wall for the backdrops, erecting fencing and installing signage in and around the venue. The crew also assisted with changes to the set in between the three concerts and remained onsite for the de-rig.

In addition, Showforce supplied crew to several of the other contractors onsite, including Creative Technology and PRG.


The average number of crew onsite was 25 per day, although crew numbers peaked for the Guns N Roses gig, with 90 crew members in action on show day. 250 crew shifts were accrued in total for Guns N Roses, followed by 71 for Bryan Adams and 98 for the Holi Color Festival.