It was a usual early morning start for the Showforce crew on 26th February at the ACC Echo Arena in Liverpool for Phil McIntyre. Over 60 of our crew had a mission to load in and support the touring technicians with the load in and build of the Queen + Adam Lambert tour seamlessly.

The bespoke rigging and stage build of the arena was completed simultaneously by our crew in different areas, which allowed the stage to then be wheeled under the rigging by the team. The crew also installed eight spotlights to various parts of the arena that needed carrying by hand through the seating blocks to their positions at the highest points above the bleachers.

The 2015 tour comes two years after May, Taylor and Lambert last performed a short tour together of the UK and Europe, this lengthier outing will see Queen + Adam Lambert perform 25 shows in 10 countries.

The large crew numbers increased to 82 for the load out, a mix of the stage crew and technicians that were split into eight teams including – backline, pushers, forklift operators, riggers and lighting. Each department had their own task to complete in a very tight turnover, which they did in record breaking time – a fast paced job and very happy client.
The show has had rave reviews – with fans in particular noting Brian’s heartfelt Beatles tribute with You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away – and is already being tipped as a contender for Liverpool’s gig of the year.