Showforce demonstrates its unique knowledge and expertise in the field of vehicle marketing, with an intriguing installation for Computex Taipei 2013, commissioned by Imagination Asia Ltd.

Imagination’s client, Ford, was keen to showcase themselves as an automative technology leader. The exhibition was used to unveil the new Ford Kuga to the Taiwan market.

As the only automaker to attend the technology exhibition, the team were presented with a unique set of challenges, including how to move an SUV through doors that were 30 millimetres too narrow to accommodate the Kuga.

Showforce operatives used their bespoke vehicle tilt system, manufactured in-house, to tip the car 90 degrees to allow access through the constricted area and into the exhibition hall. Once in situ, a truss construction and motor hoist were used to lower the car into position. It’s a unique technique that Showforce has utilised several times in the past to assist clients in tilting vehicles and gaining access to venues.

Showforce has a diverse range of skills in the vehicle marketing field, ranging from performance drivers and car marshals, to installation ramp systems and specialist vehicle movement equipment. Showforce has been assisting companies in the commercial vehicle industry for more than two decades.

“This was on important project for the team and Showforce’s understanding of what was required, coupled with their specialist skill set, ensured that any obstacles we faced were dealt with by their highly capable and experienced employees.”
Tina Ng, Production Manager, Imagination