X Factory Finals 2017 draws to a close

Showforce was back in action for this year’s X Factor finals, supporting PAV Productions, Transsport and Arena Seating with the build, live shows and de-rig, amassing 3648 man hours. With a change in venue for 2017, the finals were televised live from London’s ExCel on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December although work also took place in the LH2 studios as well.

A team of 185 of Showforce crew members, from both the London and Liverpool offices, were onsite from 26th November to 5th December and split into several teams, assisting with a variety of tasks including: installing seating and camera platforms and supporting the rigging, LX/lighting, PA and set building companies onsite. Showforce also provided forklift drivers who were responsible for moving heavy pieces of the set from trucks to the correct position. Whilst a team of crew was supplied to carry out show calls, to ensure that all the transitions on and off stage, between performances during the live broadcast, ran smoothly.

A team of crew supported Arena Seating with the installation of 12 rows of its tiered seating around the perimeter of the venue. An additional four crew members assisted Transsport with installing a row of 3 metre high camera platforms that were constructed using 3 metre scaffold legs which were them also braced to give them extra stability. The LX/lighting team assisted with emptying flight cases and distributing them to the storage area backstage. They also assisted with the unloading of small trucks carrying furniture and other equipment used by the lighting team. The team working with the PA Company, assisted with installing audio equipment around the arena, including microphones and speakers. The crew supporting the set department were tasked with ensuring that all the Steel deck in the backstage area was installed correctly and safely.

The Showforce team returned to assist with the derig, which included removing the famous large ‘X’ from the stage and onto the back of a truck. This involved the crew used a forklift to move the ‘X’ and a crew in the truck ready to receive the large piece of set. Other tasks carried out during the derig included loading cable, lighting and rigging equipment back into flight cases to load in to the back of trucks