Dubai Opera

Wardrobe assistants and stage hands kept busy at Dubai Opera this autumn

Over the last two months, Showforce has been in action at Dubai Opera providing wardrobe assistants who helped with all costume changes and laundry for several shows: LA Dance Project, a Flamenco performance from Eva Yerbabuena, Mandela Trilogy and the world-famous Ballet Russes. Each of these shows proved to be extremely popular and attracted sell-out crowds.

Showforce was delighted to supply wardrobe assistants to all four shows, helping with unpacking costumes, dress rehearsals and fittings for the cast to ensure they’re fully prepared for opening night. They also assisted with ironing, steaming and washing all costumes and adjusting garments where required.

For the LA Dance Project performances, held at the end of September, Showforce provided two wardrobe assistants who assisted with creating and assembling costumes worn by all of the cast. For Eva Yerbabuena’s Flamenco performance, Showforce supplied a wardrobe assistant to work directly with the acclaimed dancer, assisting with costume changes and any adjustments she required. Mandela Trilogy was a theatrical music tribute for one of the world’s most iconic figures, Nelson Mandela. There were over 30 performers in the assemble so Showforce provided three wardrobe assistants who had to prepare and manage the entire cast’s costumes. The Ballet Russe is a spectacular visual performance consisting of two masterpieces, the legendary Sergei Diaghilevs’s Chopiniana and The Firebird, Showforce provided two wardrobe assistants to help the company’s costume changes.

In addition to providing wardrobe assistants to the four shows, Showforce also supplied stage hands to assist with the installation and derig of the stages, amassing 342 man hours over the course of these performances.