Showforce was asked to supply stage crew to TV lighting company Big Tick Ltd for the live final of The Voice UK. As a specialist in lighting for live television, Dave Hallett of Big Tick Ltd was asked by the producers of the popular ITV show to achieve an incredibly fast and challenging scene change.

With just 110 seconds to get from the show intro to Jamie Miller’s opening performance of Justin Bieber’s ‘What do they mean?’, the team at ITV were looking for 24 Sharpies to be in situ within 50 seconds, ensuring there was enough time for the additional stage decking and performers to take to the stage. To further complicate matters, the Sharpies would have to be plugged prior to being taken on stage, so they had to be rolled on with all the cabling attached.

After careful consideration, Big Tick Ltd decided that the most effective route would be to build the Sharpies onto six rolling risers with four lamps on each. With two people required for every riser and another two for cable management it was theoretically possible. However, there was no time for anyone to go back for another riser, so 14 people in total were need to move the lights around. With only six lighting crew on the show team, a further eight were required which is where Showforce’s experienced stage crew came in.

Dave Hallett of Big Tick Ltd explains: “Showforce has provided me with crew for scene changes many times in the past, so as soon as I knew we were going to need some support I called them and they had the eight crew members with me the next day ready for rehearsals. It was a complicated process making sure everyone knew what to do and that the cable didn’t get tangled up, but on the second try we had it cracked – then the dress run and show both went fine. It was one of the most ambitious changes I’ve ever been asked to do, and would have been completely impossible without good crew.”