Showforce were delighted to assist Mosaic Live in the creation of the amazing Shipping Container Jigsaw; a spectacular street-art creation by Australian artist Guido Van Helten. Using a total of 63 containers, this immense installation was painted out of formation before being assembled to unveil the final artwork at Dubai’s 177Live Autism Rocks Arena. In total, it took Guido 288 hours and 500L to paint and complete this colossal 135M long by 12M high canvas.

We provided 5 crew and one Crew chief for two days at the arena. The crew worked closely with the mosaic team of riggers to unlock and unload the containers so that they could be moved safely and securely by the cranes into the correct positions. Two 100 tonne cranes were utilized over the course of 48 hours to position the painted containers to form the ginormous jigsaw.

The complete installation consists of a pair of eyes. The inspiration behind the piece came about after Guido scoured the city, looking for a subject, when he came across a camel herder working nearby the site.