About us

Showforce is an innovative, award winning event support-services company, specialising in providing experienced personnel to the entertainment industry.

With operational offices in the UK, UAE and Qatar, we have over 20 years’ experience in providing services for venues, film, television, theatre, live events, ceremonies and major public events.

Our turnkey solutions are consistent the world over, so whether your event is in London or Taiwan, our high standard of service, multi-faceted skill sets and adherence to health and safety will be exactly the same.

Over 20 Years of Experience in the Industry
• ISO 9001 Certified
• Proven success in a wide range of fields globally
Dedicated 24 hour support, 365 days a year
• Consistently winning awards for quality of service and delivery

Whatever your requirements, wherever your location, get in touch and let Showforce do the rest.

What our clients say about us

Showforce Twitter Feed

Spotlight on: Dave Bellamy, General Manager

Dave Bellamy

How long have you been working with Showforce?

8795 days or there abouts. There’s a maths challenge for you all!

What do you enjoy most about working with Showforce?

We work in a people business and in an industry full of exceptionally talented creative and interesting characters so it’s got to be the people I get to work with and talk too every day.

What is the best job that you have ever visited/ worked on since joining Showforce?

Gladiators the original TV series back in the 90’s. Fantastic memories, the best show on TV and the finest cast and crew I ever worked with. I was also lucky enough to be at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony and the experience was nothing short of inspirational.

What 3 words would you use to describe Showforce?

Labour of Love!

How do you see Showforce evolving over the next 12 months and what are you most excited about?

We’re constantly evolving and we’ve always stayed ahead of the game by being innovative and challenging what people consider “the norm” for our type of service. We will continue raise the benchmark by investing in our staff, listening to our clients and exploring new areas of business. We’re a global company but there are still lots of new markets and places on the map to continue our world domination. It’s very exciting to see so many young enthusiastic and passionate people working in our offices these days and I enjoy being the office sage.